Gliny z innej gliny I

A first episode of the crime series based on a story by Robert Ostaszewski „Ten cholerny wrzesień” compiled in a ...
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Gliny II

Gliny z innej gliny II

A second episode of the crime series based on a story by Marcin Wroński titled „Złota robota” compiled in a ...
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A recipe for Leonard Cohen

In 1994, Leonard Cohen left the show business and civilization to hide in the Zen monastery at Mount Baldy, California ...
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The reunification of the two Koreas

It is a set of short stories about Love – the affection that most frequently has long been dead and ...
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Slaughter next Tuesday

Adaptation of the award-winning crime novel by Marcin Wroński, directed by Łukasz Witt-Michałowski and Norbert Rudas. The pre-war Commissioner Zygmunt ...
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Read with me daddy

The play of Szymon Bogacz directed by Łukasz Witt-Michałowski is the voice of fathers raising their children alone. It is ...
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The autobiographical story of Dariusz Jeż, who before appeared on the stage of the theater, was a high figure of ...
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A play directed by Łukasz Witt-Michałowski, based on the story "The Eternal Husband" by Fiodor Dostojewski. During one of the ...
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The last such father

The performance is the fourth premiere presented by the InVitro Stage. Based on the text of Artur Pałyga, 'The Last ...
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Łukasz Witt-Michałowski

Theatre director, founder of the InVitro Pre-Premiere Stage Scholar of "Carl zum Aufgehenden Licht" organisation in Frankfurt am Main for ...
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Jarosław Tomica

He graduated from the Theater Academy of Aleksander Zelwerowicz in Warsaw at the Department of Puppetry. He performed at the ...
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Ewa Pająk

Actress assocciated with the Theater Lalki i Aktora Kubuś in Kielce, she also collaborated with other institutions: Wanda Siemaszkowa Theater ...
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Arkadiusz Cyran

He graduated from the Faculty of Acting at Cracow’s Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts (Wrocław branch). He is ...
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Karol Wróblewski

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Acting at the Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and ...
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Matylda Damięcka

Theatre, television and dubbing actress, lecturer, vocalist, stand-uper. A graduate of the Theater Academy in Warsaw. Currently she can also ...
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Max Kowalski

Double-bass player, arranger, composer. A graduate of the Music Academy in Krakow in the double bass class. He is the ...
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Ilona Zgiet

A graduate of the PWST in Warsaw. Actress, director. For over thirty years associated with the Theater H.Ch. Andersen in ...
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Dariusz Jeż

He was noticed while serving a sentence at the Lublin Remand Center in Lublin by Łukasz Witt-Michałowski where he made ...
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Agnieszka Wielgosz

Graduate of PWST in Krakow. She started her career playing at the Bagatela theater, currently performing as a guest actress ...
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Mirosław Zbrojewicz

He graduated from the State Higher School of Theater in Warsaw. Film, theater and television actor. He made his debut ...
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Przemysław Buksiński

Drama actor - (external exam at ZASP 2012) Graduate of Culture Animation at the Jagiellonian University. He conducts classes of ...
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Robert Zawadzki

Actor, director, and manager of culture. A graduate of the Wrocław Acting Faculty at the State Theater School in Krakow ...
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Przemysław Sadowski

Graduate of the Acting at the Łodź National Film, Television and Theater School. He made his debut on the stage ...
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Awards and achievements

Main prize “Audience’s Angel”and journalists’ award for the acting virtuosity for Szymon Sędrowski and Bartek Kasprzykowski at Second Spring Theater Festival in Bielsko-Biała (2008). Performance “Stones in pockets”

Grand Prix, or Grand Audience Award – XLIII Review of Small Theater Forms KONTRAPUNKT in Szczecin (2008). Performance “Stones in pockets”
Individual award for the music to the performance, a collective distinction for the creators of the performance “Nothing human” – XIV Polish Competition for the Display of Polish Contemporary Art set up by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2008)

First special award – 10th National Festival of Independent Theaters in Ostrów Wielkopolski (2009) – Performance “Nothing human”

Team award for the author, creators and the performers, individual award for Łukasz Witt-Michałowski for directing, recommendation for displaying on the National Theater stage and for registration by TVP Kultura XV National Competition for the Display of Polish Contemporary Art appointed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2009 ) Performance “The Last Such Father”

Two individual acting awards for Bartek Kasprzykowski and Szymon Sędrowski XIII National Festival of Comedy Talia in Tarnów (2009) Performance “Stones in pockets”

Award for the director, the author of the text and the author of music and the actors
at the 8th Premiere Festival in Bydgoszcz (2009) Performance “The Last Such Father”.

Golden Badge of the Minister of Justice for Łukasz Witt-Michałowski for merits in penitentiary work for the project “Under the clink” Theater, in which he made the spectacle “Lizystrata” (2009)

Award of festival jurors, Audience Award and Journalists’ Award for Łukasz Witt-Michałowski at XII National Festival of Directing “Interpretations” in Katowice (2010) Performance “The Last Such Father”

The In Vitro Stage received the City of Lublin Award for disseminating culture in 2010.

Qualification for the Teatr Polska program organized by the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute (2014) Performance “Liza”.

Golden Award of Audience at the XVII Festival “Faces of the Theater” in Polkowice Śląskie (2016) for the role of Wielczaninow in the performance “Liza” for Mariusz Bonaszewski.

Individual Award at the 17th Festival of Contemporary Dramaturgy “Reality Presented” in Zabrze. The play “Reunification of the two Koreas”

Artistic Award of the Mayor of Lublin Krzysztof Żuk for the performance of “Rout next Tuesday” based on the novel by Marcin Wroński (2018)


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